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What’s your smile?

If you are looking for more freedom and want to challenge the structures of your current working life, here’s the drilldown.

We want to help you experience balance and well-being in your life by designing a working setup that is perfect for you. By supporting and coaching you to find a structure that fits into your dream life, we want you to do what makes you happy and also be able to call it your job.

Two of our freelancers describe Because Mondays like this: 

“A platform that helps people realize their dreams. A way to challenge norms in company development by putting people first and still being profitable. An idea that gives me hope and energy that we can make the world a better place.“

“A company that offers a customized way of working for each person. With great freedom and innovation. With friendly, smart, and creative people.“

What we offer

All the freelancers we work with have different backgrounds, goals, vibe, and ways to drive change. This has given us many rounds of tweaking our processes, developing what was lacking, and finding answers to new questions.

We offer you the result of the combined effort of those before you, cause we are nothing without the freelancers that help us find our edges.

Right now this includes processes, community, company infrastructure to define your path and start walking it.

This suits you who want to develop yourself, be challenged, and build your own company within the company.

  • Process for building your brand and explore your potential
  • Support from the community and founders
  • Invoicing, Contracting and Insurance
  • Smart financial planning
  • Salary and tax administration
  • Retirement savings
  • Vacation savings
  • Slack, Miro, Google Apps
  • Support / training in starting your own busines
  • Support and legal responsibility for customer agreements 
  • Support when writing business proposals
  • Page on the website to use for branding
  • Several “get togehters” per year
  • Collective network with virtual office and AWs

The fee to be part of this is 12% of your invoicing.

Want to explore some more?

It can feel like a big step to start freelancing. We gathered some advice, a calculation tool and links to brokers that can be a good starting point when figuring out if this is something for you. Click here.

Questions & Answers

Here we have gathered some commong questions people ask us.

How do I know if I can get an assignment?

  • If you are currently employed to do something, then there is a need for this and you would probably be able to freelance doing it. Either you have a role that people are looking to fill with freelancers straight up, then you can look for [my role] + assignments + [location]. If your role is more abstract, try to distill what the value you bring is, and ask your company (or other companies) if they would consider contracting a freelancer for this need.

How does it work if I need to buy stuff for work, like a computer or a course?

  • If you need to buy stuff as a freelancer and you have your own company, you can buy everything related to your business with company money. At Because Mondays, the freelancers have their own cost center and manage their own money, so they can act as if they have their own company and buy equipment, courses, etc, as long as they have enough money to cover it.

How do I know what is “my thing” to work with?

  • This is the tricky one :) At Because Mondays we use a coaching process when we onboard every freelancer, where the goal is to help make more clear what this person wants to do for a living, and the way to get there. When the onboarding is complete the freelancer has 3 months OKRs (objective key results) to work towards, and with coaching sessions every other week, we try to help every person take small, continuous steps towards discovering their thing. 

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