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We make your business smile

By having the customers focus in everything you do, you can solve the right problem. We help you you solve the right problem, the right way.

Every freelancer has their specific competences and way of working. We gathered some areas of work below. For more information of what every person can help you with, go to their personal page.

Our services include:

Customer experience
& Branding

We help you create an ongoing strategy that engages your customers and hooks onto the building of your brand. In everything we do, we have the customer's focus at the core, we use different methods to translate the customer voice into actionable targets.

Product design, Managing
& Development

When you need to work out the user flow, structure of information, and interaction for the optimal user experience before development starts. If you're starting with an idea or are in a huge organisation and need guidance when creating kick-ass products and working with product teams.

Visual design
& Expression

We use creativity and design skills to make your virtual or physical products beautiful and easy to use and make your brand represent what you stand for.

Business design, Leadership
& Development

Too busy to innovate? Our workshop-based strategic goal-setting methodology helps your teams to set clear OKRs. Clear goals will help the organisation, management, and individual prioritise and align around the same goals.

Goals in place? Our experienced freelancers have long experience in digital business development in various industries, international e-commerce expansion, customer experience optimisation, and technical roadmaps.

We help you identify competence needs based on your user-centric vision and roadmap, lead and create teams and workflows needed for successful operations in start-ups and established organisations or enterprises.

Getting your organisation ready to reach new heights means looking into your current shape, what you want to do, and making a plan for how to train the muscles needed to reach your goals. We package our experience in easy-to-understand methods that help companies define their purpose, set their plan, or execute on it in business development and coaching.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. It might be a worn cliché, but we believe it has merit. Certain components accelerate your innovation power to use the collective brainpower to find, raise, and cultivate ideas. We help you experiment and learn along the way.
No business plan in the world will transform your company. You need people to get results, and if you are looking for a transformation; identify which behaviors you need more of, less of, to get the results you want. We help you grow your team members to do their best work and be more motivated to help your company succeed. 

Some of our clients:

Clas Ohlson
Peak Performance
Handbok för Superhjältar
By Malene Birger
Stockholm Gas

Stockholm: +46700606030, Medborgarplatsen 25
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Medborgarplatsen 25
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R. Marques da Silva 14
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Copyright © 2021 Because Mondays