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I smile when I challenge managers to think in a new way that makes a positive difference for the business

With a people perspective on business - I coach and challenge with a mission to create business results through the power of people. I believe in a strong vision executed in tight collaboration and clear communication along the way. We need to keep asking ourselves if the things we do have the effect we are looking for. A more circular way of working, having change as something constant.

"I believe in a more circular way of working, having change as something constant."

I have eight years of experience working closely with managers and management teams driving change in different ways. My key take-away is that you need to know where you are going, and be prepared to deal with situations and people along the way. You need room for more than only keeping your eyes on the target. With room in the plan to look both ahead, and to the sides, you can  be fast, proactive, agile. One of the key ingredients to driving change is to build a people focused culture. The behaviours we see every day, that is our culture. Starting there, we can define our next step.  Culture that involves a high amount of psychological safety and room for failure creates room for creative and open dialogues. A culture where people talk about not only the good stuff, will be faster than an organization where people are afraid to share their ideas and learnings. I see friction as fuel for change. Looking at culture this way, like the sum of all its people, even small tweaks can make a big difference on a strategic level.

When I get to contribute to something bigger and make a difference I feel I have a purpose.

"I will use my curiosity in people to connect with the organization and partner up with leaders, I think we will be able to do a lot more together as a team and this is where I perform at my best."

I have chosen to work with people, this is my skill and what I do best. I know HR processes, change management, coaching leaders and HR smartness. I am able to see what is really happening and to deal with things that are going on, being calm but straightforward and curious. I believe in focusing on the why and how instead of the what, this is where things happen.

I have experience from DHL and Lantmännen and my drive to live as I learn took me to Åre last year to be a wilderness guide, now working both with HR and guiding outdoors. I see many similarities as communication, risk management, teamwork and leadership which I get to experience both outside in nature and within companies. Handling a risk analysis before going up on a mountain in winter terrain is similar to what you do before going into a change process within a company. You need to be prepared and see all the different aspects before going forward, sometimes making the decision not going forward at all. 

How I can help you

  • Conduct strategic cultural work that reduces friction and creates profitability - where my contribution is to set the vision, identify the current situation, action plan, follow-up

  • Change management in a specific conversion project for which I am responsible for project planning, communication plan, negotiation with the union

  • Coaching dysfunctional teams / managers to become high performing

  • Coach / partner to management team / manager, with the aim of raising the HR perspective and drive the organization forward

  • Wilderness guiding combining HR skills - by changing the environment to outside will give space to see new perspectives and time for reflection! Either I could arrange activities where we use our heads not focusing on work OR using nature to workshop and handling our meetings in new ways.

Together we can map out your next step.

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