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If you have a challenge and are looking for freelancers, talk to us and we’ll help you boost your Mondays. 

Some of our clients:

Clas Ohlson
Peak Performance
Sigtuna kommun
Peak Innovation
Stockholm Gas
Polarn O. Pyret
By Malene Birger
Upplands Väsby kommun
Handbok för Superhjältar
Joe & the Juice
Clas Fixare
Net on Net

What the clients say about our freelancers work: 

“What makes her such a good change leader is her ability to transform innovative ideas into actions”

“He is a breeze to work with. High morals and a professional way of pushing the project forward. I would recommend anyone to take his help if offered. Especially if you are a an exciting start-up with grand ideas...;-).”

“His enthusiasm, drive, and knowledge was most valuable to the team and the business. He has a great understanding for details as well as an incredible eye for the big picture and the structure/processes needed to support it.”


Business Design, Strategy & CX     ︎  ︎

I smile when business ideas become reality

With a holistic perspective on businesses - I interpret the needs of your end customer into prioritised actions. I help to realise ambitious visions, by making your teams align and evolve together towards your goals.

I’m passionate about ideas that improve and challenge norms or the status quo. For the last decade, I have contributed to digital growth and team success for well-known brands such as H&M, COS, and Filippa K, in leader roles as Head of Ecommerce, Omnichannel Manager, CDO, interim CMO.

I know how to establish and grow e-commerce businesses, I understand and know the mechanics and psychology in branding and marketing, how to create a service or product that is based on user demand and needs - how to set up teams that serve and deliver to customers through the e-commerce ecosystem. I’m obsessed with service and removing friction in a customer experience.

"I love when people want to learn and dare to question, by asking; Why? What if? Safe and confident teams dare to test, fail and learn. This is fundamental for innovation - to go from talking to action."

How I can help you

  • Clarify vision, strategy & goals into concrete actions and OKR’s for your teams
  • Initiate or evolve a consumer/customer focus, as well as people-first organisation
  • Advisor to CEO/senior leaders, boards or founders/owners in (for example) finding opportunities and shaping new business streams.
  • Contribute as Business designer, Project Manager, Product Manager, Business Analyst, interim CCO/CMO/CEO, other interim leadership roles, advisor to management team, board member.
  • If you’re not sure exactly what help you need - we’ll find out together. Contact me in any way you prefer for a chat, coffee or lunch… I look forward to meeting you!

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