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Why do we do what we do?

People are breaking apart for companies to make money. Like actually getting sick from their work. There are many reasons to why this is happening, and the symptoms differ. 

Life’s too short for work to make you sick. Or to choose based on what other people tell you instead of what you feel is right. 

That is why we started Because Mondays. To help people discover which path is theirs, and start walking it. Because this is something both of us could have used before we hit the wall. 

Meet our founders

ANNA-KARIN WESTERBERG Coach. Catalyst                                                                    
MARTIN HOLLSTRAND Coach. Catalyst                                                          

There are so many untrodden paths out there. If more people had the opportunity to go their own way we would have more diverse solutions to our challenges while more people feel fulfilled at work. That is the reason I do this. To support people to create new paths.“ /Martin

“You can’t beat Napoleon at being Napoleon. There will always be someone better, brighter, more succesful than you. That you just have to accept. The only thing you 100% will be the best at, is being you. Imagine how interesting the world would be if more people focused on being the truest version of themselves, rather than tried to fit into someone else’s version of good.“ /AK

Why people first? 

We want to show an example of how you run a business with a people-first mindset. The freelancers we work with have their own companies within the company, so they live and work with a freedom and flexibility, that allows them to be their most creative self and deliver the best result to their customers.

Our current norm of working is a legacy from the industrial revolution, we don’t have to set up our lives the same way anymore. We have seen the latest change with remote options being more available. Our society is still designed for an industrial society where one strives for economies of scale and optimizes how to plan resource assets in the form of pre-defined professions, and there is a clear division between those who have power and those who perform. In a changing world, we cannot divide workers into thinkers and doers. We need thinkers at all levels of business to find improvements and deal with the unplanned.

We are building a platform and workplace to help people live their best lives, cause we believe then they will be able to help their customers the most. We have packaged this platform so that collectively we can invest in, and help other companies use this creativity. Creative companies will create better solutions that will allow you to keep on being sustainably profitable.

If you want to walk your path, or help others walk theirs, talk to us. 

What we stand for

Walk your path: Society is full of norms that promotes certain choices. Your uniqueness is your power, so keep pushing edges to help others do the same and bring more perspectives to the world.

Transparency: We trust you. So if you want to do something but are not sure it’s ok, use this: If you can tell someone else about what you’re about to do, do it. Otherwise don’t.

Pay it forward: We believe that if we do good for others, we will be rewarded. So keep doing good for others.
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Medborgarplatsen 25
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Copyright © 2021 Because Mondays