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If you have a challenge and are looking for freelancers, talk to us and we’ll help you boost your Mondays. 

Some of our clients:

Clas Ohlson
Peak Performance
Sigtuna kommun
Peak Innovation
Stockholm Gas
Polarn O. Pyret
By Malene Birger
Upplands Väsby kommun
Handbok för Superhjältar
Joe & the Juice
Clas Fixare
Net on Net

What the clients say about our freelancers work: 

“What makes her such a good change leader is her ability to transform innovative ideas into actions”

“He is a breeze to work with. High morals and a professional way of pushing the project forward. I would recommend anyone to take his help if offered. Especially if you are a an exciting start-up with grand ideas...;-).”

“His enthusiasm, drive, and knowledge was most valuable to the team and the business. He has a great understanding for details as well as an incredible eye for the big picture and the structure/processes needed to support it.”


CX Business Developer. Brand Strategist     ︎  ︎

I smile when your customers feel like winners

I find that a basic human need is to feel seen, heard, and understood. No one wants to feel dumb or left out. In my experience, this applies to your customers as well when they do business with you. To make customers feel heard and understood, we first need to listen to them.

"It is not about having the customer in focus. It is all about having the customer's focus."

By collecting customer insights, we can manifest the voice of the customer and listen to what they have to say.

When I am at my best I communicate with others, I am not a solo player. In everything that I do, I am looking for ways to collect laughs. And laughs are a key ingredient to get people to work and create together. When we get this collective happy feeling in the team, we can do so much more.

I will use my outgoing personality to create engagement around the customer’s focus, my receptive leadership skills to make people feel safe, while also raising questions so that we continue to challenge each other and don’t settle after the first attempt. I gladly speak up in a room full of people on behalf of my cause, without stepping on people’s toes. You can call it approachable bossiness.

So put me in any team, and I will make them listen to the customer's voice as well. I will help them improve their ways of working so that they instinctively have the customers' focus in mind with everything they do. And when the team makes the customer feel like a winner, your business will become a winner. Long term.

How I can help you

Let me help you with creating an identity and adapt it to all support needed. May it be online or print, I will help you shine and stand out. Here’s a list of what I do:

  • Research customer insights
  • Understanding Customer satisfaction
  • Lead teams in Customer Experience development
  • Find NPS increasing actions
  • Generate customer journeys

Let’s connect:  ︎  ︎
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