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Sustainability Strategist - Focusing on long term sustainable growth     ︎  ︎

I smile when long term thinking gets the focus it deserves

I strongly believe in the power of people. Putting people first and focusing on how to make everyone’s strengths come to place is the key to gain healthy and profitable organisations, surviving and thriving year after year. I’m tired of short-term thinking, not solving problems at their root cause and micromanagement. I think if we work with transparency, trust, and clarity as a core we’ll be able to achieve so much more. 

"Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind."

  • What if we build self-aware and highly motivated employees by boosting their self-leadership?
  • What if we understood our business’s effect on the climate, biosphere, and natural resources and (of course) seeing it as a challenge (because it is) but at the same time a great opportunity to be relevant for consumers/users in the future?
  • What if we focused on getting people to really want our offer instead of spending lots of marketing money convincing them they need it?

"I don’t believe it’s ´the thought that counts´ - It’s what you do."

My background is in management consulting and as a leadership trainer. I have created and facilitated leadership courses, executed change initiatives, and helped people in organisations collaborate better, in both operative and supporting roles.

I’m passionate about the circular economy, how we can transform linear businesses into circular ones. I’ve studied and published scientific articles within the area, as well as created and facilitated courses for circular economy within retail and sustainable e-commerce.

How I can help you

  • Do you know you need to start integrating sustainability thinking into your core business but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you have a team that lacks vision and motivation forward?
  • Do you have a lot of great processes on paper but no one works according to them?

Together we can map out your next step.

Let’s connect:  ︎  ︎
Stockholm: +46700606030, Medborgarplatsen 25
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Åre: +46707161377, Årevägen 75
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Lisboa: +351925110188, R. Marques da Silva 14
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Medborgarplatsen 25
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Årevägen 75
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R. Marques da Silva 14
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Copyright © 2021 Because Mondays