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I smile when communication is clear and have the perfect use of colours and forms

I live for creating a clear conceptual design, where the message of the communication becomes clear and direct. In my design process, my focus is on what I can remove to make the message as clear as possible. The fewer things the eye sees, the faster the brain can receive the communication.

"A design is done not when there’s nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing more to take away."

My greatest passion is to create flexible visual identities that can adapt to any given support. An identity that can adapt and transform itself to any given situation. Using symmetry to create perfect harmony and balance.

I draw inspiration from nature and how it expands and retracts in perfect mathematical equations, like the golden ratio, phi, and the Fibonacci code. I create a visual rhythm that helps the eye capture all communication in a harmonic way, just as it does naturally in nature.

Please contact me for work samples.

How I can help you

Let me help you with creating an identity and adapt it to all support needed. May it be online or print, I will help you shine and stand out. Here’s a list of what I do:

  • Flexible visual identities
  • Branding
  • Web design UX UI, wordpress everything but coding
  • Editorial design
  • Photography and retouching
  • Graphic illustrations and icons

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Stockholm: +46700606030, Köpmangatan 9
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Åre: +46707161377, Årevägen 75
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Köpmangatan 9
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