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I smile when i help organizations create sustainable growth through the power of people

I'm a Leadership and Team Catalyst, focused on coaching and facilitating you to find your aspirations and empower you to make them reality. I want more people to feel good at work. I believe that when we feel good, we do good for ourselves, for others, and for the business. With a caring and attentive approach, I aim to foster leaders who are self-aware, inspiring, and compassionate, while simultaneously nurturing cohesive, high-performing teams.


How I can help you

About me

For over ten years, I've worked in various leadership roles. I've led and coached teams through global expansions, complex business strategies, and through highs and lows. This journey has shown and proven to me the true transformative power of people. It's by fostering a culture of collaboration, where self-aware leaders believe in their abilities, inspire others, and encourage experimentation and learning, that we enhance our resilience. Together, we adapt to the only constant - change - and navigate through organizational complexities by problem-solving collaboratively. This is how we create sustainable results. After all, no business plan in the world can transform a company; it's the people who do.

There was a time when I realized that the moments we feel too busy to pause and reflect are often the ones that need it the most. It was during one of these moment that I made a choice. I chose to leverage my experiences, to fully utilize my strengths, to stay aligned with my values and beliefs, and to devote my working time to leadership development.

I find that nature naturally creates the feeling of presence, creativity, reflection, and playfulness. It's where I feel at my best, and I love sharing these benefits with others. Whether it's online, at your location, or amidst the beautiful landscape of Åre, I offer flexible leadership coaching services to meet your unique needs.

My Approach

As a leadership and team catalyst, my approach is grounded in positive psychology and a strength-based perspective. I am dedicated to cultivating my clients' strengths and fostering a growth mindset. Known for my caring approach, being an attentive listener, I provide perspective, challenge norms, and empower people to reach individual and team goals. I tailor my strategies to each person and team, helping them identify the next steps towards their goals, with the aim of engaging and inspiring those I work with.

My Belief

"If we see people's differences as strengths instead of weaknesses we can encourage each individual to reach their full potential to create happy, engaged and high performing teams."

I'm convinced that when people truly understand their own value and motivation, they can accomplish anything. By doing so, we create environments where employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to contribute their best efforts. This belief has not just shaped my approach to leadership and coaching, but it has also guided my own growth and development.

Let's grow and unlock your full potential together!  📆

Client testimonials

Sales Director:

“She is a great leader, with great coaching skills and value driven personality. Focused on development of people and business at the same time. Bringing analytical skills into tangible action was one of her strengths. True team player with a lot of straightforwardness.”
Business Development Director:

“What makes her such a good change leader is her ability to transform innovative ideas into actions”
Team Manager

“Hanna is a really good coach. I especially like how she manages to unblock areas that are stuck in discussion and generate new ways of looking at possibilities.”

Companies I worked with

H&M - & Other Stories - Digital Route - By Malene Birger - Skandia Banken - Clas Ohlson - Sigtuna Kommun - Peak Innovation - MYO Make your own

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