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How can we help you?

  • We focus on your employees, whether disengaged with their daily tasks or ambitious but lost, providing structures and methods that encourage action, leading to ownership and driving innovation.
  • As a company that is trying to stay ahead of the market, we drive bottom-up innovation with your staff, where engaged employees = getting the most out of your talent, the biggest resource companies have.
  • Crucially, our services provide an efficient communication vehicle, delivering insights to management and business owners that are short on time.
  • Effective staff frameworks optimise time so stakeholders can focus more clearly on operations, which can lead to a more successful and profitable business.

Our services

  • Pre-analyses and discovery workshops with management and employees
  • Innovation cycles
  • Analytical summary report for management and participants
  • Innovation & engagement blueprint
  • On-going support for implementation and further development

We smile when employees explore opportunities and drive innovation for the better!

We are big, big believers in bottom-up innovation as the best and most sustainable form of change a company can implement. Crucially, this approach leads to both innovation and ownership, with employees and teams driving new, exciting products and the development of services to achieve business success.

‘Together’ is the word that should be at the core of every business, where boosting long-term engagement is the most important and challenging goal a company should strive for.

"We believe in individual progression = increased motivation = company success"

Let’s be honest, most people’s primary concern at work is how they can improve their own career fortunes. Everyone wants to progress, be promoted, and continually learn. Fostering the drive of the individual to achieve things is by far the greatest thing a company can strive for.

Why Us?

Jimmy Otterdijks

"I smile when I challenge managers to think in a new way that makes a positive difference for the business"

With several different-sized companies and teams (including Red Bull) on my resume, I saw first-hand how existing structures and stubborn leadership can hold back innovation and business success. A true lean enthusiast driven by improving processes and people, I am well-equipped to bring positive change to rusty, existing structures. I believe that there has to be a solution for the many people that feel demotivated, are stuck in the corporate structures and feel lost in their careers. Simultaneously, I see the solution to this as being completely aligned with the success of a business. If you build projects around motivated individuals, giving them the environment and support they need, you can trust them to get it done. Do this within every organisation and working life becomes fun. With this in mind, I left my job and started the journey. Are you joining?

Specialities: Hosting Workshops - Increasing Trust and Confidence - Team Building

Benedict Birkbeck

"I believe in a more circular way of working, incorporating change as something constant in working culture."

After spending the first decade of my career working in various positions for large multinationals (Société Générale, Imperial Brands, JTI), I became frustrated with the recurrent theme of top management marketing employee success as a primary concern, but providing little follow through. The result of so little action was a collection of stagnate work environments, with almost no innovation and mainly disengaged individuals that only stuck around for a salary. Feeling that something had to be done, but tired of bureaucratic indecision, I decided to take matters into my own hands. A couple of years ago, I began my journey as an entrepreneur, learning what it means to innovate and discovering ways to effectively apply this experience in corporate settings. All this with the goal of sharing methods with individuals in order to create engagement, motivation and ultimately company success.

Specialities: Planning and Analysis - Listening & Strategic Thinking - Communication Frameworks

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