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I smile when people dare to explore new ways

My way of doing this is by helping people discover their own potential and take steps towards their dreams. If more people live lives as the truest version of themselves, the world will be more interesting. 

And this is the why behind Because Mondays, to be the platform for more people pursuing their dreams. We are building a decentralised organisation united around a purpose where we can practice what we learn and hopefully give other companies tangible examples showing that it’s possible to build a profitable company where people come first, always.

"I want to change the status quo. There are too many voices not heard, too many norms that need to be challenged, and dreams to be discovered. At work and at home."

If you need someone to inject energy into a movement, ask questions until you reach clarity, or push for the discussions that are uncomfortable but needed, I’m happy to help.

My background is in the technical (I’m a software engineer) and people field (leader roles). I love technology for the opportunities it brings, and people for the power to make them happen. No matter the context, I help people do their best job, collaborate with others, and feel like they’re kicking ass.

How I can help you

  • Coach and Mentor for leaders
  • Develop your vision, strategy and tactics
  • Creating strong alliances between tech, product, design and HR.

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Stockholm: +46700606030, Köpmangatan 9
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Åre: +46707161377, Årevägen 75
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Köpmangatan 9
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